Thank you letters for the treatments


Dear Rakefet

 thanks for the amazing counseling and guidance .

I wish there were more spiritual guides without ego, so focused and so accurate Like you!

 It is not obvious that you are a clean channel.  thank you for it.

Your love and giving excite me greatly.

With love S.H.


I want to tell you the amazing experience I've had with Rakefet

Rakefet is a charming, warm, tolerant person who does not give up, answers questions and gives everything she can during treatment and after. Most of you talk about it but do not really know what it is about. You have to experience, understand, and feel what I felt today. Of course everyone has his own spiritual level. Be sure that your eyes will not remain dry. It is hard to understand until you see it and experience it.

 Because reading a post is nothing like feeling what I am feeling in me now.

 the vision at the time of the channel is in such high level and the messages are simply energetic it seems like you read during the channeling at a crazy level. I got messages I never dreamed of. who thought how, why, how many There are answers to every question. Anyway, I asked, just wow .. so much so that I'm still just stunned by the answers and guidance I've received. Things are simply unimaginable until you experience it.

I warmly and lovingly recommend this amazing experience with Rakefet.

Already waiting for our next meeting

Waiting for the universe to invite me to you again :)



 Thank you Rakefet I had a very powerful and interesting experience, I could have continued for another two hours, thank you for your patience and for helping me understand a lot of things about myself.

You're gorgeous



Reviews About the book


Zohar Goldfarb, editor of the book - "Rakefet's book offers practical tools for creating change in life.

I got this book

For editing, and in order to edit it correctly I chose to perform the exercises in it. It's important to me to note, I do not get any credit for my recommendation on this book. My remarks here are only a warm recommendation to anyone interested in examining the intellectual patterns that accompany him in his life and do not lead him to realize his dreams and create a better quality of life for him. The book, in my opinion, does offer practical tools for the benefit of change in life. There is no doubt that, like any other matter, an practice is required

And it takes persistence to make the same change, there is certainly a significant tool for opening a wider horizon for every person in his life.  i warmly recommended

I just started working on your book and already I discovered new things about myself, I'm so excited I am crying. "



 Inspirational, really leads to change, unbelievable



Working with the book brought me so quickly to the root of my deep difficulties, revealed to me all my insides and there, when everything was exposed became the work of

Depth purifies and illuminates. Thank you so much !!!



Reviews  About the Workshops and Courses

I would like to say thank you to the amazing Rakefet

It was the course I enjoyed the most, and I have done many courses before.



To me it was perfect!  It Helped me precisely with the need and goals I set for myself. You helped me understand a lot about myself. In short, you are the best You are an amazing spiritual guide – just a phenomenon!



It was my first spiritual course and it was perfect, I waited excitedly and enjoyed every meeting. I got a lot of tools and lots of things to think about. A great experience ❣❣❣ Rakefet I am in love with you



Precious Rakefet. The workshop for me was a very powerful experience. You touched my heart every time. I was surprised by your knowledge, vision, patience and giving. I realized I had the ability to channel very strongly. To listen to my intuitions and to believe in myself. I choose to release and allow insights to reach me

, thanks A.P.


lovely Rakefet, I just wanted to tell you that I thought about you a lot yesterday after the workshop. I find myself distributing your blog, listening and wanting to give you feedback

You're wonderful ... you're blossoming ... you're impressive ... you're accurate ... you're fascinating.



I used to do workshops of this kind, but I never felt so strong the meaning of things. The exercises were so precise that I immediately felt a change in myself.



What a magical and experiential day we had yesterday we were in the clouds, literally

Thank you Rakefet for the wonderful workshop you gave us. I thank you for the unconditional love, the acceptance and the giving, and the amazing energies.



Rakefet you are an amazing woman , I had a wonderful experience yesterday I enjoyed every moment especially in the last exercise- The last meditation really caused my whole body to shiver so something happened there because I can feel it . G.D.


Thank you, thank you, for a magical evening full of sparks and balls lit up to the sky, thank you Rakefet for sharing the wonderful way and the special workshop, the abundance of warmth and love. O.E.



 Reviews About the meditations


I listened to an unconditional love meditation and I did not stop crying and getting excited. "Your voice is soothing and calming , and I feel that I can realy get into  the meditation and that the things you say touch me



 "The meditation for opening the chakras was excellent and refreshing, I felt connected to the earth and the sky, thank you"



"I did the love meditation now, it's really lovely, thank you very much, Rakefet dear, bless you"



"I did your meditations and they are great, your speech tone and text and music really hooked me up and work great together, waiting for the coming"



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