Energetic treatment or consultation call- What suits you

The new energy that comes to us in the last few years brings with it a new consciousness that is the basis for global changes that will be in following years in all areas of our lives. Some people feel that things are stuck and do not move, that they have to make an effort in order to make things happen and that maybe they are not in the right place for them. Some even feel that they are being kicked to move from where they are and some of are simply giving in to the change that allows them flow and move on with him toward better and happier results.


If you want to be part of the people who receive the new energy and develop with it, those who experience an energetic rise, if you want to feel happier, more satisfied and everything comes to you easily and you do not know how. I invite you to do two things - the first is to talk to me maybe in a conversation or therapy we can change it and the second is to watch to the videos with the messages from the angels. There are lots of videos.

 you can be sure that your choice to come here now and the video you choose to watch is not accidental.


So what is the difference between energetic treatment and conversation.

* in both the answers are from the guardian angels Michael, Gabriel and Uriel

And the patients spiritual guides.


The conversation takes about an hour. You can come to the conversation with questions and I ask them for you in channeling and give you the answers, of course you can get clarifications about things that are not understood if necessary.


Questions about directions in life , such as What is my destiny? what should I learn or work, are suitable for conversation.


Energetic treatment is two hours during the treatment We ask questions in the beginning and check the reason why you arrived today, we check what needs to be released, do reincarnations if necessary, permitting vows, changing the definitions and actually solving the same thing that caused you to arrive and of course we ask for guidance for the future. Treatment is suitable for those who feel stuck and that they cannot carry out things as they would like.


So if you are not sure which one you need just talk to me, I am always happy to know new people.



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