Who Am I – Rekefet Beka Moses

Hi, I am Rekefet Beka Moses, a mother, an entrepreneur, a spiritual guide, an author, and the developer of the thinking process “Be the Change”.

When I was 7 years old a relative of mine passed away. He started appearing to me and giving me messages. Over the years the quality of the communication increased and currently I am communicating with the GD, angels, spirits and light entities. 

In 2009 I opened my first business – A Gift for Life, personal training for the elderly. Due to being independent, I started learning about personal and professional development, and at the same time, I went through a significant spiritual development that changed my life.

In 2015 I started meditating daily. During each meditation, I was asked, “who are you?”. What does it mean “who am I?”. I answered immediately, “I’m the mother of…and the wife of….I have a business called….and I live in….”

But then I was asked, who are you in this world without all these things?, and this is where I got stuck. I asked the universe in return, “who am I really? Who am I normally? Who am I in the universe?” and I declared to the universe that I am willing and ready to hear the answer. Then I was told that when I know the answer it will come with obligations – “are you really ready?”. I answered “yes”.

The same month I went to a festival and a performed a rebirthing. It wasn’t the first time, but this time it was different, this time for an entire hour I got answers, tasks and insights, and from there is when the change began.

I was told who I was and I was also told that from now on when I meditate I must have a pen and paper and write, since I will receive many tasks, and this is how the book “Be the Change” was dictated to me.

I believe that anybody can change because the choice in life is ours and when each of us feels better the entire world will be better.

Just like Mahatma Gandhi said : “You must be the change you want to see in the world”.

So I’m inviting you to see in a video blog free messages that transferred by the angels through me and implement them in your life.

And of course you can contact me personally by leaving your details on the page “Contact us”



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